22 July 2019
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This calculator allows the user to assess investment returns based on regular savings, lump sum savings or a combination of both methods.

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Lump sum savings
This is an initial sum invested on the first day of the savings term.
Regular savings
This is the regular sum invested on a periodical basis. The first payment is invested on the last day of each savings interval.
Interest p.a. (%)
This is the annual interest rate.
Term (years)
This is the duration of the savings term in years.
Savings interval
This is the frequency of regular savings payments and the timing of the calculation of interest on the investment.
Total savings
This is the total amount returned to the investor after completion of the savings term.
Total interest
This is the total amount of interest received on the savings after completion of the savings term.
Total payments
This is the total of the payments made by the investor at the completion of the savings term.


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